Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"i laugh and cringe and vomit and die all at once"

copyright 2007 by charles shaver. all rights reserved.

watching the tube
last night
there was this chick
this dame
this broad
talking with letterman
about her tat of a bluebird
on her wrist
and he asks
"so do any of these tattoos have any meaning
or are they just pretty?"
and she says the bluebird on her wrist
was inspired
by a poem
by charles bukowski

i laugh and cringe and vomit and die all at once

here's this porcelin goddess
even has the brit accent
expounding upon
the birdhouse of bukowski's soul
the bird in the heart of a dead drunk
what the fuck
what the fuck did she know
i wanted to cheer cuz someone on the grand stage
of our times
knew who the hell he was
i wanted to throw a red card
throw a red card
of foul, foul
for what could this chick
this dame
this broad
with the brit accent
truly know about creativity
with her multi-million dollar movie contracts
at such a young age

i can't say im closer to buk than her
or any other
no holier than thou's from me
he was a prick at best
but im not flaunting
my bluebird soul
on my wrist
for forty million viewers
while promoting my million dollar movie

i got up from the couch and came in here to my computer
and began to write

1 comment:

queenofit said...

Well Mr Shaver,

At Least you were inspired to write! It cannot be all bad!