Friday, September 7, 2007

Robo-One GP

Here's some clips from the Robo-One Grand Prix in Japan. It's all about robots wrestling! Most of the moves are sloppy, but some of the moves are so prety you'll be crying out "DAAAAAMMMMMNNN!!!"

They're not REALLY robots, as they are not autonomous, but they still fall into the realm of robot-like machines (remotely controlled, however).

Pay particular attention to the belly-to-back suplex executed at ~2:45 in the first video.


2007 - Retro (Silver) vs. King Kizer (Red)

ROBO-ONE 10 - Championship Match: Ivre (Silver with long sword-like limbs) vs. King Kizer (Red)

Super-Moves! (Various 'super' moves featuring various competitors)

ROBO-ONE GP (Official Korean site in English)

ROBO-ONE GP (Official Japanese Site)

And of course be sure to check out the site that brought us these great videos.

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