Friday, November 21, 2008

Wish me luck

As I write this it's only November 9th and I'm already feeling the Christmas crunch. I need to get a tree soon, though I doubt we'll splurge on anything big or fancy as we did the last 2 years. A nice, small tree will do this year. I've also as yet to determine my Thanksgiving dinner. And I've also barely begun to shop. I've only gotten for one person thus far, my niece.

Christmas is an odd time for me. I respect its ancestor Yule, enjoy Christmas yet am not a Christian. But I've always said people seem just a tad nicer at Christmas. Why not enjoy such a season, then?

I'd love to be writing right now. I simply haven't the time or energy. I'm kind of hoping for that first good snow. Then, I feel, I'll be settled in for the long winter and ready to write. It's odd I seem to be so connected to a natural occurrence. But I am. I'd also just like to get it out of the way. Get the first snow done and over with.

I think some day soon, once the fury of the coming week of looking for a tree and buying a few presents is over, I'll sit down and start typing up what I have written of the Southern novel. I think I have about 150 pages written out. Maybe typing up what I already have will get me thinking it over again and then working on it.

I'd like to think I'll be working on it by the time this posts on my regular blog, Atomic Swan Serials, in two weeks.

Wish me luck.

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