Friday, January 23, 2009

Things to Come -- 1936 Classic based on H.G. Wells' work

I am a bit saddened by the last couple of posts. That would include today's. Not that we're deep into the year as yet or anything nor have I wasted time here on the blog. I think the first two blogs of the year have been quite noteworthy. But last week I merely posted a video trailer of My Bloody Valentine and today I'm posting someone's copy of the 1936 movie Things to Come. That means I've not been writing much of anything on this blog the last two weeks. And THAT is what saddens me.

But it's not a complete shame. Part of the reason I've not made two 'good' posts the last two weeks is that I've been working hard on my latest novel. In fact, as of today, I'm far ahead of where I had planned to be by this point in the year. So it's not like I'm NOT writing AT ALL. I'm just not doing much of anything here on the blog.

For that I apologize and make appeals to your reasonable side -- hoping that you'll understand.

I will be writing more substantial things soonest. I suspect some of it will have to do with further research concerning the novel (I've already posted something I came across while doing research in the Max Headroom post on January 9th).

Alas, for now we must take what we can and only hear about of the shape of things to come.

Again, with apologies.


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