Friday, January 7, 2011

Tales from the Ifreet now Available for a Mere $10.95!

First post of the new year! And it's a doozy. For the past 7+ years I have been self-publishing an electronic magazine, If EZine. This webzine sprang forth from my love of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and pulp. I grew up on comic books, the Amazing Stories TV series, Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock presents the Three Investigators. For me, IF EZine keeps me in constant contact with my childhood; keeps me in constant contact with that child I once was sitting at home with an imagination running wild; keeps me in touch with something I think a lot of us lose as we grow older: our sense of wonder. If EZine keeps me young, I hope vital and in constant contact with the loves in my life: writing, storytelling and wild dreams.

And now I share those dreams with you.

Tales from the Ifreet is the first book from If EZine.

Since 2003, writer Charles Shaver has been publishing If EZine - The Free Online Magazine of Thrilling Speculative Fiction. With a passion for pulp-era storytelling, Charles has established If EZine as a hub of science fiction, sword & sorcery, horror and adventure. Collected within this volume are stories originally serialized throughout the issues of If EZine - plus one new never-before-published story!

Stories in this edition:
The Last Stand of King Zalam
Zalam of the Mountains
Zalam in the lost City of Adul-Ra
Spidorans Below
Captain Destiny and the Creature from Atrius-99
From Here to the Stars!
Hunter of the Dead
Iffy's Tale
The Gargoyles of Fort Van Raine

and the brand new story published only in this collection:
Blood on the Mountain

With cover art by J. Ho.

Go buy one today!

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