Thursday, January 25, 2007

You Can't Hang w/ Me & Iggy

I'm sitting in a Barnes & Noble and these two fucken douche-bags walked in. One's dressed for combat in camo cargos and the other's cussing like a fucken merchant marine. They're dressed in chains & jeans & florescent hair and attitude. They look all of 16.

So they went and got their chocolatey looking pussy drinks from Douchebucks, loud the whole time and talking somethin' 'bout minor social revolutions. Then they found a table and sat down Before the gung-ho motherfucker sat, he took off his leather to reveal a tee proudly emblazzoned with the name of his high school band. He sat and they both produced and began to play with Magic cards. Now they sit there quietly playing.

I wanna go over there and break their fucken noses and dislocate a limb or three.

Sorry, posers. You can't hang w/ me & Iggy.

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