Wednesday, February 14, 2007

no longer a citizen of Maui...

I'm no longer a citizen of Maui, but I still manage to take the time to program shows on their local cable access called Akaku. While in Maui, I was a producer for Akaku and did a lot of programming through their XTV site. I especially enjoyed queing up Hemowai Braddahs specials. They're awesome!

While going thru videos tonight and programming for XTV (which I will never see since I am here now, 6000 miles away) I can't help but feel the loss. Not just of Maui, the only place I've ever felt truly at home, but a loss of that feeling like I'm accomplishing something, giving back to the community.

I am 6000 miles away. I am nothing here. I once was so very happy.


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