Wednesday, August 1, 2007

And So Begins Something New...

Hey folks,

Welcome to the new Atomic Swan Serials. Herein you will find my usual rants, raves or general nerdiness, but you will also find the main focus of this newly revamped blog to be serialized speculative fiction.

My intention is to post every Friday with the occasional random post in between whenever the mood strikes me or if I find some oddment in the news concerning science and/or science fiction and monsters. If I somehow find myself not currently working on any serial I will still post every Friday some video or music or thought of the moment in relation to science fiction, horror, monsters or speculative fiction.

As luck would have it, I am currently not working on any serials. But we need to kick this thing off with something. Enjoy the video.

~ charles

P.S.: Please let me know if you like the new look and direction of this blog. Even if you don't like some aspect of it, please let me know. Every little bit helps.

~ charles

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