Friday, August 3, 2007

Masters of Science Fiction

It's Friday! Here's this week's post:

Be sure to check out the new summer series Masters of Science Fiction premiering Saturday August 4th on ABC.

From Wikipedia (linked here): "Masters of Science Fiction is an American television series from the creators of Masters of Horror for the ABC network. The show is set to debut on August 4, 2007 with new episodes airing every Saturday at 10PM.[1] Six episodes have so far been produced.

As the show comes from the creators of Masters of Horror, the show will follow a similar format. It follows an anthology format, with each one-hour episode featuring one short film. The show will also differ from MoH in a few ways. For instance, where MoH episodes feature new stories from known horror directors, MoSF features adaptations of known science fiction stories. Also, as MoSF will be broadcast on network television, the show will not feature the extreme levels of violence, nudity, and profanity that MoH does. Finally, MoH does not feature any sort of host, but MoSF will feature Stephen Hawking."

Here is the IMDb profile.

And the official site.

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