Friday, February 22, 2008

Knight Rider ***Spoiler Alert***


PLEASE NOTE: There are some small spoilers herein.

I wasn't sure if I was going to like the new Knight Rider TV series, but I thought I should at least give it a chance when it premiered last Sunday on NBC. It wasn't the greatest premiere I've ever seen for a new series, but based on the pilot I'd have to assume the show will be good enough to watch again.

The new KITT's voice lacks some of the charm that William Daniels brought to the original KITT (some of you may remember him on the TV series "Boy Meets World" as Mr. Feeny and mostly recently was a guest on Scrubs), which is odd since the new KITT is voiced by Val Kilmer who often appears charming during interviews and such; I saw no sign of any Turbo Boost (but there was no mention the new KITT doesn't have it); I kind of don't like that the new KITT calls the new Michael "Mike" (admittedly that's a small matter of contention); and I miss the bumpers that appear just before the commercial break where KITT is in the desert driving towards your TV screen. However, the introduction of The Hoff as Mike's father and a decent storyline with some action instead of the usual talking-heads script so common in this era of television writing is what interests me about this series.

A small suggestion of what I'd like to see, though it may add to the cheesy factor of the show (but then, hey, it's Knight Rider we're talking about and the love of the cheese is standard fare here): I'd like to hear Busta Rhymes' song "Fire It Up" get some play on the new series and Michelle L'amour needs to make a guest appearance.

SHOUT OUT: You might also want to check out Jason Ho's Sketchblog. He posted a drawing of the original KITT this last Tuesday.

Here's some Knight Rider videos.

New Introduction

Old Introduction

Knight Rider Stripper from America's Got Talent

Busta Rhymes' "Fire It Up"

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might i also suggest red hot annie as far as burlesque goes?