Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Issue Number 10 Is Here!

Hey folks,

I just published issue 10 of If - E - Zine(tm). It's filled with FREE science fiction and fantasy stories. Here's just a sampling:

In "From Here to the Stars!" we meet Tad Manly, a luchador catapulted into worlds beyond known space!

"Rescuing the Dead" sees the return of Sgt. Drake, an ultra-futuristic space marine in hot pursuit of psychics.

"Zalam in the Lost City of Adul-Ra" is a sword & sorcery tale with a giant alien protagonist in a world of might, magic and mechano-men!

Finally, in "Captain Destiny & the Creature from Atrius-99" we read of the exploits of Cpt. Destiny... the first human to discover a planet populated entirely by kaiju!

Feel free to check it out at:

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