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"The Sagas of the Seventy-Thousand Gods" -- Part 2

Here's Part 2 of "The Sagas of the 70,000 Gods". Part One was posted last Friday. Please let me know what you think.




"The Many Worlds"


Let it be known, the great and many gods, weary from their Forevers Wars, did as Amir said and created many worlds they would call home.

The Great Khal, The Winged Horse God, tore from his four wings two golden feathers apiece and placed them into the ten-thousand hands of Agul, God of Might and Prosperity, who crushed the feathers and, like a diamond from coal, created a brilliant star to call their home.

Kowloon-fakah, The Cow Goddess, ran through the Void, spreading her blessed cream seeping from her always overflowing udder.

Batar-tok, The Bull God, chased after her and smashed each droplet of Kowloon-fakah's cream with Sul, his Holy Hammer, and forged world after world.

Santrifah, The Snake Goddess with Feathered Wings and cousin to Lenius, slithered the Void spitting venom and each venomous throng formed into volcanic, brutal worlds.

Behind her came Kashakah, Coyote God. Smitten with Santrifah's beauty, Kashakah's unrequited love boiled forth from his eyes and, much as Amir's tear had, shed watery worlds.

Behind Kashakah still came Wofat-hallah-ki, The One-Toothed Wolf God and bitter enemy of Kashakah. With his deep growl he shook the venom of Santrifah and tears of Kashakah, rumbling them into final form.

Then came Mordea, The Gentle Moth Mother, dusting the Void with the powder found under her wings.

After her came Kama, The Dragonfly and Lord of Visions, who, with his wings, whipped Mordea's dust into spinning fury until each speck shone like glittering jewels to light every part of the Void.

Menacing Gror, The Goat God, tore off his billy beard, chewed it and spat it into the Void. He set cloven hoof onto this new world where he alone would rule for all time.

Then did Aal, The Falcon-Headed, bring forth Lashul, his chariot led by the Horse God Swar, and from it produced a javelin. He broke the javelin into six pieces and bound them together with six strands of hair from Swar's mane. He then handed the bundle to his brother Fril, The Owl God, Ruler of Dark Knowledge and Giver of Words. Fril, with his claw, etched out Holy Words upon the bundle that tranmogrified the bundle into a world that both Aal and Fril could share.

Jayd, Lord of the Heavns, Protector of All, Bestower of Martial Wisdom, neutralized the poison of one of Santrifah's volcanic worlds, made it glow green with his benevolence and settled upon it, inviting Amir to join him.

Hoyard, God of Steel and Benefactor of Warriors, with his scimitar Yorgmana, lopped off the tip of his left forefinger. His blood spilled forth as molten lead. He gathered the finger and blood together and molded them with his own hands into a world. He then took Lameal, Goddess of Truth and Beauty and Patron of the Arts, as his wife and together they settled upon the new world.

Kiyyard, The Bear, and his friend Sil, The Tree Goddess, Pillar of Heavens, combined bark and fur to make their world.

Askahdri, The Tentacled Dark God, broke off one of his tentacles and made it his realm.

Askahdri's cousin, Lorkah, used one of her eighty-two spiked tentacles to stab at herself and from the wound came vast dark ichor upon which she settled.

Lemlah, The Metallic God, Hoyard's son and born of his blood, broke off one of his four arms. His friend, Ba'alidor, God of Fire and Blacksmiths, forged Lemlah's arm with his flame and together they settled the world they formed.

And then came Hwa-xen, Monkey God. With a thrust he threw a fang he had stolen from Wofat-hallah-ki into the massive but filling Void. The fang became a world which Hwa-xen claimed all his own.

Malovious, The God of Night and Ignorance, severed his ear from his head and formed it into a world for himself and, should his friend Wofat-hallah-ki ever end his pursuit of Kashakah, for his friend The Wolf God.

Kwinchi, The Giant Centipede, spun a ball of mucus with his many legs and made a world for himself.

Verl Asp, The Silver Snake, The Trickster of Heaven, The Lord of Assassins, the Wanderer, refused all worlds and chose instead to slither the newly forming universe visiting world after world as he desired for all eternity.

Bai-Bao, The Leopard of Pure White, together with her brother and sometimes enemy Hee-Bao, The Black Leopard and Stalker of Shadows, mated and gave birth to Xiao-Bi, The Little One, Protector of Small Cats. With Xiao-bi's afterbirth they formed a world for their family.

Mya-gah-noh, The Horned One, broke a horn from his arm and used it as a world. Seeing this, his 986 brothers and sisters did the same.

Flord, The Sulphur God, argued with his cousin Byorn, The God of Stone, about how their world should be made. They began to wrestle and fight. Enraged, Flord butt his head against Byorn, birthing a spark that flew from their heads. Seeing the spark, Flord and Byorn agreed to make it their world of fire.

Skarrah, The Scarab Goddess, let fall a leg and made it her home.

Seethal, The Cobra-Headed, Lord of Wonder, Devourer of Life, maimed and murdered thirteen of his own children, birthed by Santrifah, and stirred their bodies in Lazahr-thah-kar, his Enchanted Cauldron, with the tip of Dahl-ahkar-amon, his staff, until they boiled and bubbled and liquified. Seethal then poured the thick liquid out of the cauldron, allowing it to cool, and shaped his world before it hardened. It is said his world bleeds with the molten blood of his children in their attempts to separate and escape their father's ferocity, quaking the world nearly constantly. All wicked souls otherwise refused elsewhere are forever welcome to settle upon Seethal's world.

And so the gods did create the universe, filling the Void with fire, water, ore, wind and wood.



"Amir's Gift to the Dragons"


Let it be known, the seventy-thousand gods did form the universe and it was decided the Dragons would share a world as they were largely allies and relations. The ten-thousand-and-one Dragons did concur, but they could not agree upon how to form their world.

"Let us make it a world of shadows," hissed Stygia the Dark.

"No! It must be a world warm with flame and grace," retorted Krogan the Fire Dragon.

"The rest of us would burn!" exclaimed Kraken.

"I will settle it all," said Golak the Gray Stone Dragon. "I'll break off a piece of my tail and this shall be our world."

"And sleep upon cold stone? I think not!" cried Falia the Fae Dragon, fluttering her rainbow wings with agitation.

"Then I'll follow Gror's example," said Frik the Bearded One, "and rip from my chin a bit of beard and form a world of my own."

"If there is a bit of beard to be sacrificed, it shall be mine!" said Xahn the Wingless.

"I'll do as Myah-gah-no and remove a horn," said Dark Skryff, The Black Horned Dragon.

"The world must be acceptable to the Water Dragons!" demanded Tylat, Kraken's sister.

"Then we'll make it of ore!"

"We'll make it of steel!"

"We'll make it of dust!"

The universe had been formed, the Void filled and all the gods had a home except the Dragons.

Disgruntled and forlorn, Lenius left the Dragons and returned to the side of her good friend Amir.

"Whatever is the matter?" asked Amir, recognizing sadness upon his friend's face.

"It is my kin," said Lenius. "Never have we argued as we do over the creation of our world-home. We have always struck alliances, now we strike only with our bitter tongues."

"Perhaps," Amir consoled, "I've a solution."

Amir and Lenius returned to the Dragons. Amir spoke, "Good friends of Amir, argue not for I bring to you my humble suggestion. As the god Jayd has already formed a world and asked me to join him over its rule, you are welcome to my tear, the First World and the Cause of All Creation."

"But it is all water!" cried Krogan. "My breath would forever be useless there."

"Not if you apply your heated breath to the water first," Amir instructed, "and burned some of the water away to make dry spots for you and others to rest, leaving some of the water for others."

All the Dragons contemplated and found wisdom in Amir's suggestion.

"It is settled, then," spoke Lenius. "This tiny drop shall be our world."


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