Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Xiao-tep and his wuxia world return this Friday!

The universe of Xiao-tep returns this Friday!

Last June and July I posted a 5-part epic wuxia tale about Xiao-tep, The Ankh-Fish of 100,000 Sorrows and Beauty in the blogged novella "The Children of Gods". January of this year I then posted "At The Peony Teahouse", a continuation of tales from the same universe starring some of the same characters.

Now, this Friday, I begin posting "The Theft of Heaven", the next story within the series. In this new story, we will be introduced to Momoki the Marmoset and his friends. This story will lead into another and all of it will lead up to the proposed summer blog-buster tale "Warriors of the Midnight Sun"! I expect to do a lot of blogging this summer as I write these stories. I'm certain it will take my time ALL SUMMER LONG. Be sure to watch for it all here at

If you like wuxia, martial arts, mythology and high fantasy adventure tales, you're sure to love "THE THEFT OF HEAVEN"!

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