Friday, February 27, 2009

A Denouement of the Now and the Near-Future

It's an odd time for me now. I'm making new friends, relearning a love
for humanity. I've been so closed off for so long. I've needed the time
away, the time to reflect and find myself. I'm convinced that had I
continued as I had been living in California 8+ years ago I would have
made a big, bright impact on many lives, but would now be dead. I would
have burnt out and died. In part due to the fact I was purposely trying
to slowly kill myself, in part that no sane or healthy person could
possibly carry on the lifestyle like I was without repercussions.

I'm nearing completion of the third novel. I suspect I'll be done some
time tomorrow. This leads me to think about the next one I'll write. Of
course, I have to concentrate on selling these things, as well. But
today I thought I might return, finally, to Joyride Thru Death Valley
-- a novel I started in 2001; last wrote for in 2004-5; and will be my
most personal novel and closest to an autobiography I may ever come to
writing. Joyride will be to me perhaps what Dandelion Wine is to
Bradbury or Fear & Loathing to Hunter S. Thompson. Those are pretty
big icons to compare myself to, I know. I don't mean to make that
comparison, but rather the import of their related novels.

I'll definitely be writing the third installment of the Xiao-tep tales this year. Perhaps this Summer.

But for now I have to finish the denouement for the current novel.

Wish me luck.

With much love and respect,

~ Charles

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