Friday, February 6, 2009

Spidorans Below" -- Part 2

Here's Part 2 of "Spidorans Below". Part 1 was posted here last week.

Today's post is not very long, but it serves its purpose.

In this continuing saga we find the villainous Norikahn troubled by his own woes before he sets out after our hero Zalam.


"Have you found the ousted king yet?" spake the massive head.

Norikahn stood before the holographic projection of Lord Furian's head in the control room of his new palace.

"No, father. Not as yet. But we've agents following his progress and I gather forces now to intercept him in his descent from a local mountainous region."

"Do you plan success?"

The question confused Norikahn. "Of course I do, father."

"Oh? It would seem I've assumed you've planned for success previously, yet there you stand a shameful failure."

"How have I failed you, father? I beseech you, tell me of my failures and I shall correct them."

Lord Furian breathed deep. The giant projected head considered his son. He said, "You ranked last in your class at the Academy. I practically had to bribe the generals there to get them to let you pass and graduate. Since then, I've tried to nurture the warlord in you. I've given you command of small skirmishes on various planets and you've lost every one but the last. So I let you try an invasion of an entire planet. In secret, I plotted the invasion. All you had to do was show up when the time was right. And, mush to my surprise and - dare I admit - pleasure, you did actually show up. But the invasion would not have been so successful as it had been were it not for your listening to the locals. Your lower ranked commanders granted you the wisdom to take that palace! And yet... you managed to sail even then."

Lord Furian huffed. "Here me well, son. As long as the old king remains alive, your throne and rule will be questioned. Find and kill this Zalam."

"Yes, fa-"

The image flickered and was gone before Norikahn could complete the sentence.

Norikahn stood, humiliated. He was glad no one was near to hear teh words or see the scowling face of his father. He resolved in his heart to fulfill his father's last uttered words... "Find and kill this Zalam."

He left the control room, heading for the stables where he would mount his steel stallion and ride as escort to the southern range of the Argonian Mountains where he would then await Zalam's arrival.

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