Friday, April 3, 2009

"As Slowly the Petals Fall" Chamber Two of The Four Chambers of Xiao-tep

I've had quite the difficult time with doctors as of late. My thoughts
are disjointed tonight. I can't think clearly enough for prose, yet
felt the need to write. As a result, I sat down and wrote a 4-page poem
in my journal. It's been a while since I've written any poetry. I
present it here to you now as Chapter Two of "The Four Chambers of
Xiao-tep". It has a similar vibe as some of the matters Xiao-tep will
be dealing with in the forthcoming novel.


"As Slowly the Petals Fall"
(c) 2009 by Charles Shaver. All rights reserved.

Doors closed on him
Windows shut
The world closed in on him
Fire burned his belly
Viscous gel filled his lungs
He was nothing
No more
Yet everything to
Death closed in on him
A flower at the precipice
Of blooming
Fading now
Never so close to death
Never so alive
Until heat subsides
His belly quelled
Windows open
Doors flung wide
Perception expanded into brilliant white light
Until all can be seen
All appears as one
At once
And he, everything
The machine slowed
Needles slipped out
With a pat on his back sent
On his way
Walking through shadows
Of valleys
Of death
Alive, but not
Abnormal, but not
Unwanted, but not
Wanting the sun to caress his face
To chase smiles
With friends
Loved ones
True families
Across fields
To enjoy clouds
Behind kites
In the
But no sky exists
It's a picture in books
A picture through panes
A myth in tales
No sun will touch him
No rain will come through
Fluorescent cages
He knows best
The machines
Of war
Of madness
Of medicine
Of Man
Living inside
And he
Living inside
How long?
Not long
For the arms of
And the rays of
The sun
Towards his heart
How long?
If only one would let
Loose his voice
Unshackle the machines
Let sun and life and kites
But for how long?
Not nearly long enough
For the hug of a friend
The kiss of a girl
The gentle touch of a loved one
As petals of a bloom
As the sun of the sky
Will fade from its golden glory
All he can hope
All he can wish
All he can pray for
As he walks through shadows
Of valleys
Of hospital halls
Is that he has loved them all enough
He has loved the world to his fullest breadth
He has loved
And he has loved
But is it enough?
Lobby now, waiting
Wall clock, ticking
Woman nearby, puking
His life
And he wonders
Is it enough?
As slowly the petals fall

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