Sunday, April 8, 2007

12-Year-Old Dies Because His Family Is Poor

"... A 12 year-old boy had passed away in Prince George's County, Maryland, as a result of not having adequate dental care.

Deamonte Driver was like many urban youths in the DC Metropolitan area. Struggling against many economic factors, the young boy did not have sufficient insurance coverage to provide quality health care, and the Medicaid coverage provided by the State of Maryland fell far short of providing even a basic level of coverage.

Of the 5,500 licensed dentists in Maryland, less than 20 percent will accept Medicaid. There are various reasons for why dental offices report that they will not accept the coverage. The top of the list is financial, with most dentists stating that reimbursements from the government are just too low to make it worthwhile."


From LordShen: This one really hits home with me because in 2004 I had to pay over $1,100 out of my own pocket (a significant portion of my yearly income) spread over three months PRIOR to getting a routine but required cleaning. Being poor blows.

In case you're wondering how exactly this young boy died, since his parents couldn't get him in to see a dentist because they couldn't afford it, the tooth abscessed, spread to the boy's brain and caused a tumor that eventually killed him.


Spider said...

You know things are bad when people are dying from lack of medical care in this, the 21st century. Seems like the government might be wise to get its collective head out of its butt and start working FOR the people instead of against them. *sigh*

Hey, thanks for dropping by my web. The gaming post was the result of an actual experience that happened only ten minutes prior. *bangs head against rubber wall* I swear I'm gonna make that sign on a sandwich board and put it at the door so no one will bug me...

the doodler said...

this makes me pissed!