Thursday, April 12, 2007

By the Gods!!!

I think I did it. I finally did it. I think I finally found something wrong with the Spiderman movies... O_O

Is it me, or is there no catchy theme song?!

Every so often, generally on happier or carefree days, I find myself humming some tune. Usually it's a jazz or blues standard, or an xmas carol if it's Yule time. But from time to time I'll just be going along and I'll start humming and then I realize, "Hey! That's the Superman theme!" or I'll say to myself "Hey! That's from Batman:The Animated Series!"

But I cannot recall, for the life of me, a good, solid, memorable theme for Sam Raimi's recent trilogy. Am I wrong? WTH?!

Does Spidey even have a theme at all?! I mean, I can't even remember the theme to Spidey and Friends (oh, wait... yes I can!). I can also remember the theme to the 1994 animated series. Of course there's also always the "Spider-man, Spider-man... doin' the things a spider can..." theme. But I can't remember a damn thing from the recent movies!!!

PLEASE... let me know if I'm wrong, if my memory has faded, or if there's some inside scoop as to whether or not Raimi wanted to stay away from such things that could be construed as 'hokey' in this day-and-age.

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