Friday, April 13, 2007

Odd Epitaphs

Here's a collection of odd epitaphs from around the globe. Enjoy... ?

"She Was More to Me Than I Expected" -- to Jennie Wilson; College Hill Cemetary; Lebanon, Ill., USA

"Final Decree" -- California Supreme Court Justice Silas Sanderson; Laurel Hill Cemetary; S.F., CA, USA

"Asad Experience Wilson
His Mother Gave Him This Name" -- Idlewild Cemetery; Hood River, OR, USA

"Papa Did You Wind your Watch?" -- Charles B. Gunn; Evergreen Cemetery; Colorado Springs, CO, USA

"Those Who Cared for Him While Living Will Know Whose Body Lies Resting Here, To Others it Does Not Matter" -- unnamed; Old North Cemetery; Hartford, Conn., USA

On a sign posted on a tree on Normandy Road in France translates thusly: "Attention Drivers: Make Your Will Before You Hit This Tree"

"Dearest Tom,
Thou Art Gone
Thy Kind Heart
I Miss
You Did Not Say
Goodbye, Tom
Nor Give Me the
Parting Kiss" -- in Laurel Hill Cemetery; S.F., CA, USA

"Here Lies Mary Brooks Who Died in 1736, Aged 11, She was Very Excellent for Reading and Soberness" -- Hill Burying Ground; Concord, Mass., USA

"I Don't Know How to Die" -- Forest Hill Cemetery; East Derry, N.H., USA

"Here Lies the Body of Jonathan Tilton Whose Friends Reduced Him to a Skeleton, They Wronged Him Out of All He Had and Now Rejoice That He is Dead" -- Chilmark, Mass., USA

"As you pass by
and cast an eye
as you are now
so once was I" -- Bridge Street Cemetery; Eastham, MA, USA

"My Dear Friends as You Pass By
As You are Now, So Once Was I.
As I am Now, You Soon Must Be.
Prepare Yourselves to Follow Me" -- Irwin Cemetery; Crested Butte, CO., USA

"Here lies Lester Moore
four shots from a .44
No Les--no more" -- NV, USA

Stay high
Bye" -- Hookstown, PA, USA (included an etched picture of a marijuana leaf)

"I Told You I Was Sick
Nothing like getting one last 'I told you so'!" -- Round Rock, TX

"I knew this was going to happen to me" link

"Ma Loved Pa,
Pa Loved Women,
Ma caught Pa with one in swimmin..
Here Lies Pa" -- Florida, USA

"I Am Woman
Hear Me Roar
And Boy Did She" -- Douglas County, NE, USA


Ripley's Believe It or Not 15th Edition


Senior Citizens sharing epitaphs they've witnessed

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