Monday, March 26, 2007

Doin' Somthin' I've Always Wanted to Do

As I sit here listening to Ry Cooder softly singing his version of "He'll Have to Go", with the near-zydeco-like accordian sound of Flaco Jimenez accompanying him, it is only natural that my mind turns to my latest and greatest purchase and, to some small extent, worry.

As of Saturday night, I have booked for myself and my sweets a vacation to the heart of the French Quarter of New Orleans. Starving for any money down there (since apparently the Feds don't/won't have as much as needed as promptly as needed), I feel I can justify the trip in many ways including, yet not limited to, going into the heart of the matter and pumping my own money right into the local economy.

That's the idealist in me anyways.

The self-serving part of me will speak of a need to escape Flint for a while, while talking of the notorious "cabin fever" so prevelant in the Midwest about this time of year, my love for jazz and blues, and ultimately my sweetie and I need a break. Good people (pardon me if I sound overly bold pronouncing us as good people) deserve good things.

And it's going to cost us minimally. Flights and a 4-star hotel suite included along with taxes! In our hotel will be plush bathrobes. How luxurious! I've never been able to afford (and truly have I never considered desiring) such a grand stay! We're simple people. As long as the roof stays over my head and the floor beneath my feet, I'm good.

I've walked the streets of Paris, wandered the coutry-side of England, grew up in/around L.A., lived in Maui, currently live in Flint and now will add New Orleans to that resume.

Can I admit something to you privately? *smirk*wink* I'm looking forward to this trip.

My sweets asked me what I wanted to see in New Orleans. I told her "the back of my eyelids, mostly". Ha-ha! I just want to get away and relax. I'm not like most people who seem to want to get up and go GO GO! That's not for me. When I go on vacation (which isn't often) I go to rest and soak up local color.

Po' boys, mufalletas, live music day and night, haunts of every kind. I wonder how it'll affect me? Hopefully above and beyond my expectations.

Wish me luck. I'll let you know how things go.

'Til then... good ole Ry is telling me about his "Yellow Roses", so I think I should be off...



J.Ho said...

you two deserve it! have a blast, ya crazy kids!

illgnosis said...