Sunday, March 18, 2007

Get Goofy

Don't get me wrong, I'm with all of you on the whole "I refuse to forget" deal when it comes to the problems facing the world (poverty, genocide, war), but sometimes there's things you can't fix no matter what. I can't fix the government, but do I forget it? No. However, I do realize that there will be people in life that will do whatever the hell they want to do and back it up through force of law or violence or social pressures or in the name of their god(s). The only time I really fight is when they do it to me. I simply can't win every fight AND I don't have the time or energy to fight every battle. Pick and choose, I say.

It's like being a boxer in the ring. You absolutely HAVE to expect to get hit, even blind-sided on occasion. All you can do is keep standing and pick and choose where you're gonna throw your next punch.

Life is gonna throw enough punches at you, why make yourself sick on top of all the other natural pain?

I bitch a lot. A LOT. Way more than I'd like to admit. But I also take the time to enjoy life. Take for instance: I BBQ'd this week! It was chilly, but sunny. I spent a day making homemade sausages and then the next day I smoked them (insert perverse joke here) (insert perverse joke here because I said 'insert'). I paid for it because it was a lot of work. I was sick for the next few days (still trying to get over it, really) but it was a lot of fun and something I've wanted to do for a long time. I let go of the world for that time and had fun.

I guess my point is: I hate to see anyone suffer to any degree. It concerns me at least and enrages me at most. But I know everyone has stuff they have to work through and as long as they come out happy and healthy and okay in the end I'm good with it.

I want you good people to be idealistic. I won't use terms like "self-righteous indignation" (such terms are often used for snobbish insults... and did you know the first time I came across this term was in Advanced RECON from Palladium Books? Haha... odd, huh?) but I will tell you to fuck it all once in a while and go have a nice day. Go to the beach. Park on the strip. Go into one of those little local grocery stores and buy yourself a bubblegum flavored Jones soda and walk and drink the day away. Get some ice cream and eat it on a hot day in the park. Eat lunch in a small cafe you've never been to before. Try checking out the shops at a kitschy tourist trap. Wear different colored shoes. Baseball season starts soon... when was the last time you went to a game? How about some mini-putt? Start a mini-putt league with friends! Cap it off with a nice dinner and a coffee at a late-night coffee house.

Long story short: don't worry yourself sick. I guess that's all my wisdom for you. Pretty cliche, huh?

Take care, folks. Get goofy.

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