Monday, March 19, 2007

Found this while researching for a novel

In the middle of January, 2007, the BBC Chinese website published an interview regarding organ harvesting in China. For the first time, China's Ministry of Health spokesman Mao Qunan admitted to the practice of organ harvesting from executed prisoners in China, which he had publicly denied before. However, Mao evaded key evidences of organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners and denied that accusation.

The story developed further on March 17 when another anonymous person whose family members were allegedly involved in removing organs from Falun Gong practitioners gave further details that were published in the Epoch Times. According to this anonymous source, the concentration camp is located in the Liaoning Provincial Thrombosis Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine where she once worked. Since 2001, according to this source, the hospital has detained practitioners in a huge system of secret underground chambers. Then she made a horrifying accusation that topped all others ever made by the group: “Many Falun Gong practitioners were still alive when their organs were taken. After their organs were cut out, some of these people were thrown directly into the crematorium to be burnt, thus leaving no evidence.” [27]Claiming no connection with the Falun Gong, she said she had to speak up to save those still alive there. Similar claims were made by Mr. R.

Falun Gong aka Falun Dafa is a new-ish controversial religious movement in China and its practitioners are being oppressed by the PRC. It was the Falun Gong that brought the harvesting issues to the attention of the world in 1999. Mind you, it's taken since '99 to January of this year, so many claims may be exaggerated. However, as stated above: China's Ministry of Health spokesman Mao Qunan admitted to the practice of organ harvesting from executed prisoners in China.

No real morality issue or statement from me here. This bulletin is more an attempt to pass along information.

Falun Gong accusations

Chinese Regime Admits To Organ Harvesting From Prisoners


J. said...

A few things might be helpful in clarifying this issue more clearly but thank you anyway for raising this issue publicly. It all helps raise the awareness and call for action.

Firstly the organ harvesting was first exposed by Falun Gong in March 2006 last year when The Epoch Times had 2 witnesses come (to them one a Japanese reporter working in China and the other the wife of a surgeon who had confessed to her how he had been making so much money.

Secondly if you really wish to know the truth then here is a link to 2 reports co-authored by a Former Cabinet Minister and state secretary for Asia Pacific in Canada Mr David Kilgour and the other a renowned Human rights Lawyer David Matas.

This will certainly change your mind on the evidence presented here that Falun Gong have not (unfortunately) been exaggerating the facts.
Thanks for posting this and if you are able talk to more people about this and even better go and see your member of parliament or congress where ever you live.

bobby fletcher said...

Let's make it clear that J is none other than well documented FLG blogsphere operative Jana Shearer:

BTW, The Falun Gong allegation David Kilgour’s promoting has been discredited by multiple undercover investigations.

US government and Chinese dissident investigations:

1) (section CRS-7)


3) (page 3)

As you can see, the hospital Falun Gong accused is partly owned by a Malaysian health care company and is subject to oversight beyond Chinese authority.

J. said...

Bobby Fetcher is known as a spy working for the United Fronts Works Department whose job it is to go around spreading misinformation about anything that criticizes his beloved bosses the communist regime.

Here are some answers to Bobby alias Charles Lui and Sunday Service Times who also says that Tienanmen Square massacre never happened please visit his blog at

Bob, Can’t you see that your efforts are in vain…everybody knows that the CCP is the most murderous regime on the planet. .

The persecution of Falun Gong is merely an extension of the cultural revolution…it is a bloodbath, certainly not the ideal country to host the Olympics.

But, seriously Bob, both Harry Wu’s and the US State Dept.’s investigation were after March 9th–when the the Epoch Times broke the news. That was too late by then for SJT was already cleaned up! Harry’s claimed “site investigation” was done on Mar. 27th and later, but he already made the negative conclusion in letter to the US Congress on that, saying it was on on March 22nd. How could a serious and reputable investigator get the numbers mixed up?

In case you read this far Kilgour Matas’s investigation report backed up by Dr. Allison’s report , including Edward McMillan- Scott’s visit to China, confirm heaps of evidence that amounts to genocide.
Australia has taken the lead and is probing into the crimes Rudd said.
Organ harvesting targeting Falun Gong across China is really happening…they rip the vital organs off the body, they take the heart, the liver then the kidneys, and they throw the bodies in the crematory, and then they sell the fresh organs to the highest bidder.

Making sense of a new form of evil
Totally disgusting! Bobby if you would care for your Chinese people you wouldn’t be trying to discredit those reports but you’d want to help in resolving the situation.
We’ve already been through all this on hundreds of blogs.
My advice to you — quit the Party while you can …

J. said...

Oh I forget to say what I as doing as Bobby has made a statement about me being a Falun Gong operative?
First of all what is Falun Gong operative?

If you are saying that i will forever try and stop this systemically organized persecution of Falun Gong then yes call me what ever you like.

If someone came into your home stole your parents and children and tortured them and you knew not where they were what would you do?

You would go the police and if they didn't listen you would go the
Politicians and if they didn't listen you would go to the media and if they didn’t listen you would go into the streets and down every possible avenue to expose this crime.

Is that being political?

You can call us political. If that’s what it takes to stop this bloody brutal inhumane persecution then call us anything you like we won’t mind.

“The truth is, mankind's "politics" was not designed for the persecutors' use. If "getting political" can expose the persecution, if "getting political" can stop the persecution, if "getting political" can help clarify the facts, if "getting political" can save sentient beings--if "getting political" can do all of this good, then why not do so? The crux of the matter, it would seem, is that a Falun Gong practitioners motive is to stop the persecution, and not to "get political" for the sake of gaining human political power. Cultivators have no desire for power among men: just the opposite, cultivators are to let go of any attachment to power.”

Please think about this persecution with more compassion. Any persecution of the very best in humanity is wrong. Falun Gong is good.

J. said...

But Bobby what are you doing posting lies about anyone that tells the truth about the Ccp?
Try this one out to see how many posts Bobby has made on these subjects.
This can’t be a hobby right?So whys he doing this?

Last count here were 84,500 post by Bobby aka….Some Spy?? Quit the CCP while you still can Bobby

bobby fletcher said...

Jana Sheara, you are such a racist. "My Chinese people"? I'm not Chinese.

I'll ask you again to back up your "spy" allegation with some proof. My Google link proves your association with Falun Gong and Epoch Times.

Where's your proof? Where's your Truth?

J. said...

Bobby, How could I be a racist if I am practicing Falun Gong? I am not Chinese I am westerner so If i was racist i probably would not be practicing this Great Falun Gong cultivation practice.

Then if you are not Chinese which we all know you are why do you defend the communist regime?
Only someone who faithfully holds true to the doctrines of communism or if he was a paid professional would they defend the Ccp.

anyway just check out a google search on Bobby , 85,000 posts and the excuse Bobby gives is "its my hobby".....

I heard David Kilgour (co author of the Organ harvesting report was annoyed at you at a recent press conference in USA because you were rudely interrupting and spewing forth your vile propaganda . What Did David Kilgour say to you??

The former Canadian Cabinet Minister and state secretary for Asia Pacific with a credible and honorable record that legends are made of summed it wisely and dramatically by saying
"WE all know where your loyalties lie"

Better quit the Ccp while you can

LordShen said...

I keep this blog open to comments to promote discussion and intellectual pursuits. I do not have to do this. I have a contract with Blogger, the wonderful community that provides this blogging service to me, that I signed when I started an account with them and they have provided me with the option of allowing or disallowing commentary on my blogs. This is, in a sense, a private affair but out of the idealisms of fairness and to promote intellectual discourse, I have opened my blog to commentary. All I ask in return is that people stay more-or-less on-subject, respectful and refrain from inflammatory commenting.

Allow me to clarify a few other things: I am a writer and a professional. Part of the reason (not so idealistically) I blog is to promote myself. I and my artwork/writing comprise a commodity and this blog is part of my ad campaign.

I did not post this particular blog as anything more than an interest piece. I, myself, am not Falun Gong. In fact, until I read the articles herein referenced, I had not even heard of the Falun Gong.

In essence: I have no personal agenda in posting this particular blog beyond the continued marketing of myself and my works. In other words: I do not represent anyone in this particular situation other than myself.

As far as the Falun Gong, I am completely indifferent.

As far as organ harvesting: I completely support it IF THE PRIOR CONSENT OF THE DONOR IS GIVEN. Without the prior consent of the donor, organ harvesting is a criminal and immoral act against the sovereignty of the individual who is harvested. They are no longer a donor at this point but a victim.

I would also like to clarify that I do not know either of these previous comment-makers personally. Yet I find myself and my blog subjected to their international conspiracy allegations. Why? Because I found interesting articles while researching for a science fiction novel concerning cyborgs that remove their body parts and have them replaced with mechanical/robotic parts.

I would like to think spies and secret agents would have more to do than comment on my blog. That leaves me with the idea that one or both of you are liars or dissenters or individuals disillusioned about each other. I cannot prove any of that, but in my mind these ideas have become suspected.

Whatever the case may be: The previous comments, while starting off more-or-less intelligent, very quickly descended into something not much more than schoolyard name-calling. I will have none of that on my blog.

Here's an idea, gentlemen: Take your flame wars elsewhere. I'm not interested.